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How to Cast to Firestick using Android In April 2021 [100% Working]

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most famous streaming devices. It has services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. One little-recognized but important feature of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the ability to beam your TV screen to a smartphone or tablet.

It helps you to do stuff from your phone like watch movies or TV shows, or have a large screen video chat, or play games with a giant monitor. The display can only be replicated, or the display plus the audio.

Cast to Firestick from Android

When Fire TV Sticks was introduced, a range of Google apps was released, including the world’s largest content-consuming website called Youtube. However, soon after the digital advertising war between Amazon and Google took off support for the YouTube app on Fire TV apps.

The organization instead required users to use built-in browsers to stream from YouTube. But this is an incomplete solution. But you can still transfer content from your Android phone to your TV without much trouble.

Table of Contents

  • Activate mirroring on your Amazon FireTV
  • Casting to Firestick using Settings from Android:
    • Third-party applications are:
  • All Connect
  • Air Screen
  • Conclusion:

Activate mirroring on your Amazon FireTV

Firestick Mirroring

The first step for casting Firestick is activating mirroring on the Amazon FireTV.

FireTV Settings Display

FireTV Settings Display

Step One: Navigate to your Fire TV menu, press the Home button, and move right until you reach Settings. Navigate to “Display & Sounds”, in the Setting menu and then choose “Enable Display Mirroring.”

FireTV Settings Display Mirror Settings


Settings Display Mirror Settings

Step Two: The Amazon Fire Stick also gives you a quick-start mirroring option. Click the Home button on the remote Fire Stick, and choose Mirroring. Link your Android device to Fire TV after you’ve made the pick. If you want to stop mirroring just press any button on the remote.

Casting to Firestick using Settings from Android:

Step One: Navigate to Settings of your Android Device.

Step Two: Tap on “Bluetooth and Connections”. Now tap on connection preferences and then click on Cast.

Step Three: Click on the Firestick device and open any application to start streaming.

Casting to Firestick using Settings from Android using a 3rd Party application:

Third-party applications are:

  1. Miracast
  2. Screen mirroring
  3. AllShareCast
  4. Cast screen
  5. Wireless display
  6. Wireless mirroring
  7. Quick Connect
  8. Smart View
  9. Screen Sharing

For the first process, we will use Local Cast, this application is easy to use and is light with many features.

Step One: Download it from the Google Play Store and the Amazon Fire TV shop. Fire TV Stick is running Amazon’s Android store to install apps. Upon downloading the device on the button, follow the steps below.

Step Two: Download the updated versions of both of these devices from their respective stores.

Step three: You can open the LocalCast app on your Android phone from the home screen.

Localcast Devices

Localcast Devices

Step Four: You will find a yellow button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on that one!

LocalCast Discovery

LocalCast Discovery

Step Five:You need to make sure all of your computers are linked to the same WiFi network.

Step Six: The app now shows a list of available casting tools. The default casting tool is Google Chromecast. Only press the change button and move the casting system to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

For the next one, we will use AllCast application for streaming.



Step One: Install the AllCast App on Firestick and Android. Click on the Search icon on the Firestick. Find the app named AllCast on the FireStick, download and install it on the device.

Allcast Devices

Step Two: Activate the Android casting app. You can see the “Search for Players” prompt on the screen.

Step Three: Tap Firestick Image on Android It could take a few seconds to view Firestick on the screen below; you’ll see a list of options such as Gallery, Audio, Latest, Google+, Google Drive and File Explorer.

Allcast Devices Android

Allcast devices Android

Step Four: Tap the button to view images, videos or audio on your TV screen. For example, you can tap Gallery to display all of the photos saved on your phone on the big screen.

Step Five: To stop casting, tap Stop (square icon) at the top right of the screen. To stop mirroring your Android app, tap OK on the confirmation.

All Connect

All Connect

All Connect helps you to upload your personal media such as images, videos from your Android device to your TV screen. In addition, it also helps you to download videos, movies or TV shows directly from your mobile device. It also allows content to be downloaded to several devices simultaneously. As in-app purchases are removed, All Connect is available as a free download on the Google Play Store.

Air Screen


Air Screen is projected as one of the most advanced mirroring applications that support several protocols (including Google casting) and apps. You can run the app not only from your Android device but also from your Mac, Windows or iOS device on your TV screen. It provides better protection by encrypting the transmission of your personal media over the network.

Airscreen does provide a few extra options within the app that is perfect for Firestick users. Categories provided include Start, Media Servers, Recordings, Settings, & Help. The feature for  Recording is extremely easy to use and can be done using just your firestick remote for both Video & Audio.  It’s available as a free download, with some limitations. In-app purchasing costs for the version purchased vary between $1.49 and $19.99 depending on the feature.


If you own a smart TV or a streaming app like Amazon Firestick, you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows directly from NetFlix, Hulu or Prime. However, these apps won’t help you keep track of local content installed on your Phone.

Most of us won’t have any HDMI cables to connect your phone to your TV. The stable solution here is to focus on apps that can send media files from Android to Fire Stick TV. This is an easy method to cast from Android to Fire TV stick. You should be able to mirror your phone if you have a casting option available on your phone.

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