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28 Sep 12 Egreat H520 new Android TV dongle

Egreat Tech Corp., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers for HD players and TV boxes with years of experience. It’s about time that Egreat announced their own Android TV dongle the Egreat H520. Below are the details provided by Egreat.

Egreat H520 features

  1. Dual-Core CPU, Android 4.0.x, supports 3G
  2. Build in WIFI antenna to ensure the best WIFI signal
  3. Latest raphite cooling technology, ensure safe continue usage around 10 x 24 hours
  4. Powerful airplay push function (push the video/music/picture from your Apple OS equipment)
  5. Compatible Android DLNA , share files between mobile, STB and PC, use mobile as remote control, support mirror the screen of your ipad/mac/iPhone on your TV

The Egreat H520 is expected to be available on October 15th, no pricing announced but we can expect it to be a RK3066 based device priced at 50USD.

  • Dusk

    OK, Here’s a fantastic link of a video demo for this Egreat H520 device. I don’t know about you but it looks even better to me now. $42US per 1000 units. So it should come in around the MK808 price I guess in small quantity.
    AMLOGIC MX dual core CPU, not RK3066. This has been around for a while in the chinese tablet space but has not really made its way to HDMI stick or STB yet. This CPU seems to run about the same as RK3066 but we all know AMLOGIC is a better choice for modifications’ sake.
    Runs Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    Availability by the end of October.