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26 Sep 12 SmartQ U7 first mass-produced projector Android tablet price announced

SmartQ recently announced a very interesting tablet, the U7.  It is the first tablet to use projection technology,  specifically DLP Pico handheld projection technology from Texas Instruments.  The projected image can be up to 50″, which is should be good enough for most presentations and multimedia.

Now, pricing for the tablet’s two versions has been revealed.      The base model, which comes with an OMAP4430 processor running at 1Ghz, and 8GB storage, will be $315USD.  The second version has a better processor, OMAP4460 @ 1.5Ghz, and 16Gb storage.  The extra features bring the price up to about $400USD.  Both units have a 7″, 1024 x 600 IPS screen, 5-point touch, and 1GB ram.  With Jelly Bean operating system, these tablets are a very unique entry into a crowded market.

  • Rolandas Medelis

    There are plenty of Android tablet makers out there and the big names like Samsung, Asus, Google and Amazon often get all the attention, however there are some good but lesser known tablet makers. One of these isSmartQ which has just released a 7 inch tablet with a built-in DLP projector. I got hold of one and I wasn’t disappointed.

    The real unique, differentiating feature which makes this tablet special is the built-in DLP projector. I must admit before I received the device I was skeptical about its ability to perform, but having played with it I am smitten. In fact I am having a hard time keeping the device out of the hands of my family as they are already formulating plans about which movies and cartoons they want to watch with the projector. The projector is activated by using a switch on the front next to the DLP lens. There is also a slider to focus the projection. When the projector is running pressing the standby button on the tablet switches off the touch screen but leaves the device running with the projector. This is especially useful for movies or presentations.

    The idea of an Android tablet with a built-in DLP projector is brilliant. It isn’t for everybody, but if you find yourself needing to give small presentations or demos; or you like the idea of watching a movie on a “bigger screen” then this device is fantastic. The specs are more than reasonable, the DLP performs well for its size and with Android 4.2 its core you can’t go wrong!!!!

  • nitin

    how to order it in india ??